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Dominating Your Local Market for Pennies on the Dollar in a Down Economy

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Let’s be honest, when the wallets of our customers tighten, we all look for ways to cut costs, save money to keep employees, and one of the very first things to have funding pulled is marketing and advertising. Right?


Well, Instead of me going on and ranting about how now is the time to be pouring even more money into adverting while your competition is pulling back, I’m going to share a quick story.

I met with one of my top clients recently and found out exactly how he was able to reduce costs while increasing market presence. More on how he lowered his advertising spend and increased his marketing in a minute.

Many of my clients are internet savvy and fully understand the yellow pages are becoming a thing of the past. The majority of potential clients are searching the web for a lawyer or a particular legal service, not flipping open a book. Clients are simply “Googling” it. But lowered budgets and the high learning curve and cost of ad-words advertising creates a hurdle to most.

As a matter of fact, nearly every professional service business I’ve spoken with over the last few months has either considered or has already lowered their marketing budgets. But one client is doing something a little different.

Recently I was speaking with one of my long time, top clients. He found a solution that will make both you and your wallets happy.

They began using VeriSearch to dominate their local market for multiple terms his clients are searching for.

Using their unique strategy, he not only dominates the internet in his area, but is literally “crushing” the competition.

They can’t figure out how he is listed multiple times on the FREE part of page one. He has literally stepped out of the bidding war in Google Adwords, is spending less money, and has increased overall traffic to his main website.

Pretty interesting right? But wait…

The best part is now they receive over 3 weeks of free advertising Every Month compared to when he was involved in paid campaigns. That’s over four times as much exposure at less than what he was spending this past summer on pay per click advertising.

There’s even a short video to learn more about how you can duplicate the highly effective strategy for dominating your market or how to have the experts do it for you here.  Click on the Overview Video tab.


For less than the price of a small display ad in the yellow pages, you too can dominate the internet in their local area.